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Our Visiting Policy

Recognizing that family members and loved ones are an important part of a patient's care team, Anne Arundel Medical Center promotes family presence through flexible visiting hours. All rooms are private throughout our hospital facilities.

“Family” is defined by the patient and can be based on biological, legal or emotional relationships.

Families benefit from of this patient and family centered approach by having the opportunity to visit at their convenience and when it fits best into the overall healing plan of their friends or loved ones. There will be times when visitors are asked to step out during bedside procedures to allow for patient privacy and safety.

Some things to note when you are visiting a loved one:

  • Always wash your hands or use the hand gel dispensers when entering the hospital and patient rooms. Handwashing is the best protection against spreading diseases. Please refrain from visiting if you have symptoms of an illness.
  • Food, drink, plants and flowers are restricted in some areas. Please check with health care providers before you bring any on the units.
  • Children are encouraged to visit. Please make sure that all child visitor remain under constant adult supervision.
  • Many areas of the hospital have bedside shift report. This process allows the multiple caregivers to discuss the patient's condition together. During this time, patients and families are encouraged to actively participate.
  • While we allow overnight stays, your rest is also important. When you are gone, your loved one will be in great hands and just a phone call away.

Our flexible visiting hours, bedside shift reporting and several other improvements are making care better for our community. We work closely with the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care.

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